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SMA Sunny Highpower

Brand: SMA Model: Peak3 SHP 100-20
SMA Sunny Highpower Peak3 Sunny Highpower 100-20The future-proof solution that grows with your requirementsMore than 20 years of utility experience have gone into the development of the PEAK3 system solution. Central handling, decentralized system and a modular concept – that’s exactly what makes PE..
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Brand: SMA Model: Peak3 SHP 150-20
SMA Sunny Highpower Peak3 SHP 150-20Tailored to the unique needs of utilities with up to 150 kW from the pioneer of PV power plant systemsGet large-scale projects up and running easily. 1500 VDC , 150 kW, compact designSUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK3 stands for pure power. With its compact design, the inverte..
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